virtual health


Virtual Health is a specialist health consultancy and project management firm based in Western Australia servicing both the government and non-government health sectors.

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Virtual Health Director Tim Shackleton has extensive high level experience in both the government and non-government health sectors in Australia. He can support client’s directly or where necessary use his extensive network of contacts to build teams of people with specific skills and experience required for projects of all sizes and complexity.

Virtual Health’s areas of expertise include:

  • Health system strategy
  • Organisationalstrategy
  • Health service planning
  • Project management
  • Rural and remote health
  • Aeromedical services
  • Community engagement

Virtual Health’s approach to ensuring client satisfaction is based on a standard consulting methodology within which close relationships and communications with clients is a hallmark. In all work undertaken by Virtual Health, the following methodology is used:

1. Issue Identification

Working with clients to ensure the issues are clearly described and understood by all parties. The setting of clear goals and objectives to be achieved by the consultancy is vital at this stage.

2. Problem Diagnosis

Working with clients to describe in detail the nature of the issues requiring resolution and the reasons why they exist.

3. Solution Design

Working with clients and where required, external expert personnel, to develop a range of options for consideration. All options are assessed for feasibility, cost, degree of disruption on existing operations and sustainability before presentation to clients.

4. Implementation

Development of a detailed implementation plan for the client’s preferred solution including identification of barriers to success, key enablers, timelines and resourcing requirements.
Virtual Health has expertise in hands on implementation of change and this service is available to our clients where they require our ongoing assistance.

5. Sustain

To ensure solutions are sustainable, Virtual Health will continue to provide advice and support to our clients after the consultancy is competed.